Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is What Happens on a Photo Walk in Ithaca

Today Aurora and I found ourselves at Der Rosenmeister Nursery in Ithaca. Lee's roses are just beginning to bloom. Somehow that phrase doesn't do justice to the experience of the sights and smells in his nursery. Unlike most nurseries or plant stores, Lee grows and tests all the plants he sells, so his roses are hardy to the extreme. Having done a few photo shoots in Lee's garden in the middle of winter, coming out in the warmth of late Spring was a blast of fresh (hot) air. The breeze was redolent with the smells of rose and citrus. Even the bees thought it was intoxicating!

Most of the photo-walks (or photo safaris depending on where we are heading) that we take have very little direction in mind when we start. We decided this Spring, to open our photowalks to the general photography community here in the Ithaca/Trumansburg area. We head out at least one weekend a month, for 1-2 hours, nothing massive. We shoot, swap lenses, try new stuff and see places in a whole new light. We aim for good light, or at the very least, dramatic light. That means being ready to shoot before the sun gets warm and being willing to fight off the bugs as dusk falls. If you're interested, follow my facebook page and you'll hear when the next photowalk will be happening. Always happy to have company.

For those of you who love roses, get yourselves out to Der Rosenmeister Nursery while Lee still has roses. My guess is that he will be sold out before the end of June. Selection right now is awesome, so hurry out! If by chance he has already sold out of the variety you want, ask if you can reserve a few plants for next year. And as the various varieties come into bloom this summer, Aurora, Nancy and I will be out in Lee's garden photographing as often as possible. Come join us!

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