Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cary Joseph's woodfired pots

This week started off with a very exciting product shoot featuring Cary Joseph's latest woodfired pots to come out of Julie Crosby's firing last week. After I finish up my next product shoot tomorrow, I aim to post more images from Julie's firing. There were some amazing pots to turn out from that firing! Cary asked if I could turn these around in 3 days so he could submit the images to a show whose deadline was almost immediate. We did it and got everything through post-production well within his timeframe. Normally, it takes longer. Lots of jobs fill the queue but when you have a very real deadline, my goal is to meet that deadline and to take the worry out of the hurry.

I think the thing that makes Cary Joseph's work stand out from the crowd is that he combines a very tight, precise throwing style and decoration, with the massive unpredicability of woodfiring. The resultant flows of ash and the searing licks of the flame's path really demonstrate how the kiln kisses each pot in a very unique way. Given the fickle nature of the woodfiring process, I was floored that Cary was able to get fifteen teapots out of this last firing. Absolutely amazing! So, now's the time to jump on over to Cary's studio. Teapots don't tend stick around the studio shelves for very long, so hustle!

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