Sunday, July 17, 2011

Looking Up

This has been a busy month so far. This week Aurora was in the Cornell rock climbing camp. Somehow, while doing all the normal "camp" things kids are expected to do, swimming, canoeing, etc... they also had to learn how to climb, boulder, belay, and rappel.

Aurora's strength and stamina from her new-found summer jobs gardening made climbing considerably easier this year. The even mapped out a new bouldering path for others to follow. It required some pretty interesting/awkward hangs and leaps.

As fun as climbing is, Aurora really enjoyed belaying other kids even more. She liked being able to focus on only one thing, one person at a time. Having the chance to watch her belaying kids this friday was really insightful. You could see the focus and diligence. She was feeling everything through the rope between her and her partner. If there was a slight tremble in the rope, she knew before her partner did that a fall was imminent. Fall arrested and climbing could resume. No more than a stumble. She made it look so easy!

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