Friday, July 22, 2011

Shooting in the Dark

So what do you do when it's incredibly hot outside and you still want to do some portrait work?

You ask your wife to join you outside as the night came in, and hope you have enough light to get your settings right as you test out new flash ideas. Here's what we came up with shooting last night and tonight.

I seldom shoot much after dark. Why? Because I live in the country. The boonies. Two doors down from the deer and the bear. My neighbors are foxes and coyotes. To say that the nightlife is pretty dark would be an understatement. And try as I might, I can't get a good shot of our yard full of fireflies to save my life. Not sure how to convey the awesomeness of our yard flashing and glowing on these hot, sultry nights.

That said, sometimes it is too darned hot to shoot during the daylight hours. Yesteday was over 106F in our yard. We don't regularly see temps anywhere near that high around here. Maybe close to 100, but seldom higher. Yesterday was a scorcher.

Tonight's fun shots brought to you by the number 95 (degrees), Nikon (d300s, 85mm 1.8) and Pocket Wizard (AC3 controller, MiniTTL, and Flex TT5).


  1. and they are wonderful.
    I am waiting for our break in this weather.
    We too live with wildlife and they are interesting companions.
    This week Mark saw a red fox up in one of our blueberry bushes.

  2. Nancy and I too, saw a red fox crossing our road last week. I cant imagine how one would climb up into a blueberry bush! Wild! Nancy said she saw a weasel this week too. Mighty strange but very exciting!

  3. I think some folks think these images were shot during the afternooon. They were taken AFTER DARK. Yep. DARK. As in, I can't see my feet. That's why this is so remarkable to me. I dialed in what I wanted the ambient light to look like, then added flash on top. Brough the background up to look like late afternoon, summer... and then lit Nancy to give her depth and form. More on this after I try my next odd lighting experiment.