Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picnic Down By The Lake

When you wake up and realize that your friends are still there, it makes the nightmare so much easier to withstand. We have great friends, who have stood by us through all sorts of obstacles, trials and tribulations these past few years.

This past weekend we had a chance to spend the afternoon at Taughannock State Park with the Lyon family. This meant piles of fabulous food, frisbees being tossed, and as always, stories being shared. For an afternoon, I was able to let go and just enjoy.

This gives you an idea of how impatient Aurora was to get in the water. She has her teenager-scowl on full-force. Grrrr.

Sean has the right idea. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy that lakeside breeze.

There was not-even-sort-of enough time to talk with Stephanie about her trip to Tanzania. Having been away a year, she has so many stories and so much joy to share. Rather than try to get it all in one sitting, we got together the following week while Stasia played hockey... we sat around and looked at some of her images from Africa. Absolutely amazing story. My hope is that she and I will be able to collaborate on a book/video of her images so that she can share with her audience at large. She wrote weekly updates on her life in her village in Africa, which the Ithaca Journal published for quite some time. It would be wonderful to be able to combine her writing and her images into a cohesive story of her experience. It is definitely an eye opener!

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