Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Look at Images from the State Fair

Whenever I go out with my camera, I look everywhere for some sign of patter or texture or color. Places like the State Fair make it almost too easy to find fun subject matter. There is COLOR everywhere. There are cool patterns, interesting textual interjections, great juxtapositions of people and moving objects. There are people of all ages, doing all sorts of crazy things. Through it all, I love being one step outside the maelstrom. The hardest part is maintaining the high level of energy necessary to keep my focus and to keep looking for more shooting opportunities. 

As I was walking around with Aurora and her friend, seeing signs like this just made me laugh. I mean, how many different things in the universe can one throw into the deep-fat fryer and make something (almost) edible for $5? I mean, I don't think that NYS invented the deep fat fryer ... but at the State Fair, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone to put faith in that assessment. 

Looking up into the underside of the rollercoaster was a fascinating juxtaposition of a tiny car, moving at high speed over rails suspended on scaffolding that at best looked like it might hold a carpenter or two. The color... oh, the COLOR... just grabbed me. The contrast against the bright blue sky was enthralling!

I think a fantastic idea for next year's photowalk here in Central NY (Fingerlakes) would be to get together at the State Fair, shoot all morning or into the early evening. Anyone want to join in?

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