Thursday, September 8, 2011

Looking Back in Time

Two years ago, on the day school began for Aurora, I went into the hospital here in Ithaca for an elective surgery to remove a small chunk of my colon which had become weakened due to repeated attacks of diverticulitis. I woke up a little over a month later, on Nancy's birthday, October 11th... and looked into her eyes, wide with fright... wondering where on earth I was and what was going on. Completely unable to speak, I could only communicate with my eyes. I have never felt hotter tears stream out of my eyes.

When I look back at my blog posting from two years ago, on the night before surgery, I was thinking about life post-surgery... knowing full-well that I wouldn't be able to make pots right away. I was under the assumption that like most of my surgeries, this would go smoothly and I would be back to work in no time.

I find it fascinating to see how my interest in strobe lighting had just begun... I had two speedlights, a new (used) lens, a tripod, a lightstand and a shoot-thru umbrella. All new tools and stuff I was so anxious to play with and to learn with.....

When I look at the stuff I use to bend light now, it is still a paltry sum, but there is so much more stuff to work with. There are modifiers, filters, patch cords, sync cords, extension cords, strobes here and there, soft boxes of a couple different designs, never enough lightstands, backdrops and paper sweeps. All sorts of stuff... and in the end, that's all it really is... just stuff.

As I stare at this image, the last shot I would take before surgery, I am struck by how much it presaged the coming years. There wasn't any mention of temporarily closing down the studio, though I had mentioned that in other posts earlier that week. I guess what strikes me is that I wasn't mentioning how terrified I was of the surgery or the outcome. I think I confided in very few people about my feelings around that.

That said, here are my thoughts from the night before surgery. If you're new to this blog and want to read the full story of the debacle, start to finish, click on the link below and read from Sept 9 till Jan 2010. That should fill you in on the gory details (and then some!).

A week ago, I bought my first Nikon Speedlite SB-600, and life has not been the same since. Today I found another one via Craigslist. Here are the rest of my treasures from this past week. We found a killer Manfroto tripod with a sweet ballhead. My lightstand and shoot-thru umbrella arrived. Together, all of this fun stuff, combined with a 85mm f1.8, and a TTL patchcord... all of this has made my week a TON of fun. Like a kid in a candy shop, I have spent the better part of the week trying new ideas with flash every chance I could! Next up: during my recuperation, I aim to study up on the "Strobist" method of lighting so I can push my lighting skills to the next level. Should be fun.
                                                                                                                     -A.Solla, Sept 9, 2009

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