Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finally Fall

There is something so reassuring about the onset of Fall. The chill rainy days, the unexpected gusts that get you wet in places normally saved for the shower... and the sudden bright beams of sunshine.

This old barn has certainly seen better days, and maybe with a little luck it will survive its current owner. A lot of the barns in our area are derelict and falling down. It's a sad sign of the depressed state of NY State's agricultural industry. The only ones starting farms around here are young families going CSA/organic and the Amish.

Aurora and I were out for a short while this morning, while the sun was still shining. Within just a few minutes of us getting out the door, clouds started piling up in the West. Not half an hour later the sun was gone but for a few slivers that came down here and there.

Aurora has such a great eye. She picked out this exact same spot last fall. Her shots from last year were a little more vivid than this year's. I think we missed peak-color by about a week. Last night's rain took some of the color and pulled it off the trees. Blame the hot dry summer and short wet fall.

There isn't normally a lot of drama in our CNY skies. Usually we get some puffy clouds in the summer, bleak flat streaks in the winter and early spring. This sort of storm system really makes for an exciting skyline!


  1. Wow. These are stunning. Not that I expect any less from you!

  2. It was an incredible day for being outdoors. The weather was wild! Can't go wrong with that. Sometimes we want to go out photographing, and the weather sucks. Happens all to often around here. Especially during the "golden hours" around sunrise and sunset. That's usually when we see rain or worse.

    Saturday was just wild. My disappointment now is that most of the color is gone. I am thinking about heading south into PA this weekend for more opportunities. Maybe head down towards the West-Central PA area... see what there is to be seen.