Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hands Off! (or Finding Other Ways to Reach Out)

These images were shot this weekend as an exploration into the hands of one of my friends. Gordon is an artist on so many levels. He makes beautiful cut paper images, which he will be featuring the next two weekends in his studio during the Ithaca Art Trail. Gordon is also an accomplished musician, polyglot/ linguist (specializing in "dead languages"), amazing writer of compelling fiction.... which doesn't even touch on his day job!

Gordon and his wife Carol, have brought music, games and laughter into our house. For the first time in years, our weekends are filled with life. Last weekend we went out geocaching. Going for a meander across the lanes dividing farms, out away from town... is such a wonderful way to welcome Autumn. Carol's artwork is something to behold. Creative, surprising, focused and best of all, it requires the viewer to engage on more than just a visual level. Her paintings, drawings and etchings all combine to create works unlike anything I have ever seen.

These portraits of Gordon's hands were made for a fellow blogging writer, who is writing a series of blog posts about writers of fiction and their hands. I like the idea that in some way, the writer's hands are somehow a window into their being. Gordon's hands have always struck me as having been worked hard and put away tired. Lots of stories locked up in those hands.

I encourage you to check out Gordon's fiction both on his blog and at Barnes & Noble or at Amazon.com.
If you use an e-reader, Kindle, Nook or iPad... you will love sitting down to one of his stories!

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