Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Concert Footage

Enter the Haggis!  
I had really high hopes for their performance, especially given how much I love all of the albums of theirs that we purchased over the past 4 years or so. Instead of the kind of celtic punk/ humor we were expecting, they played schmaltz. It was almost as bad as a Billy Joel concert. No power, no oomph. Nothing. Probably our biggest disappointment of the night.

BEER truck

I have been going to concerts since long before I could drive. Never in my life have I seen a "beer truck" where the beer flowed from taps in the side of the truck. After asking around, this is apparently the norm for festivals of this sort. We arrived at 5pm and by 7pm there weren't very many folks who could walk straight! 

Meeting up with Kate made the whole weekend AWESOME! 

Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm

I had pretty high hopes for Gaelic Storm. In the end, they were content to play mostly tunes from their most recent albums which were pretty lame. Nothing to really drive a crowd. We ended up shooting a few images and then moving back outside the tent since the music just wasn't mind blowing.  We were able to get some so-so shots of the band, but with the speakers distorting from someone not knowing how to mix the soundboard, it was tough to endure. We were pretty disappointed.

A few more shots of Enter the Haggis. I was really hoping they'd perform Gasoline, or the Scottish Mexican Man, or Ride My Monster.... something from their repertoire of really fun tunes. Nope.


  1. Ya think? He hasn't invited me back for another show since we saw him in Miami. I worry that my girlfriend might have been too tall for standing in the second row.

  2. Your wife hates Billy Joel. Just sayin'.

  3. That's okay honey. I'll make sure REO Speedwagon is played at my funeral instead.