Monday, November 14, 2011

Dark and Twisty

A few months ago, Gordon Bonnet asked me to create a portrait of his hands, for inclusion in a fellow writer's blog. Well, that blog post has finally happened....  . Kendall Grey came up with the idea of trying to put writer's hands on display. Tools of the trade as it were.

While the thought of asking you to remove a hand and mail it to me in a red satin-lined box has a certain appeal, I’ll refrain from indulging in that messy proposition. Instead, I want a picture of your hands doing something that embodies you, the writer. -K.Grey

When Gordon asked me to photograph his hands, I had a good idea of how we'd go about it. In the end, it was completely 180 off from where we started. Looking back at the images, I think that my original idea was so vanilla... and Gordon's writing is so twisted... it's no wonder we had to let the ideas sit and stew a while. The final image is interesting to me in that it represents more than just the visual representation of Gordon's hands. They also encapsulate all of the other intangibles: the fear, the tension, the anxiety, the grittier side... and all of this comes through so readily in his writing.

I am honored to have been asked to try to capture that in an image for him. I think Kendall Grey's challenge to try to do this with other writers is awesome! Can't wait to see more of them.


  1. Gorgeous portrait, Alex!

    I love the gristliness of hard light here and the color treatment is absolutely perfect.

    Fabulous shot.

  2. Thanks Justin. Having tons of fun playing with light. Trying to learn all sorts of new stuff in terms of getting the lights to talk to each other.