Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giggles Galore

 I think it is amazing the effect that color can have on the tone of an image. In the first image, in black and white, there is a certain degree of humor, but not joyously so. Maybe it is cynical humor.

In the second image, I think the boisterous color allows the humor to show through. Perhaps the vibrancy of the color relays some of the life inherent in the laughing ?

Do you have a preference? Which speaks more to your idea of humor and laughter?


  1. The second, definitely. The first almost looks like Aurora is crying, and from her friend's face, ti's hard to tell she is laughing. You can see more humor in their faces in the next shot, and the color increases that emotion.

  2. It is fascinating how quickly people picked up on this. The color really relays that emotion!