Saturday, December 31, 2011

Laughing Again

Ask anyone who knows me or my family, and they will agree that this has been a tough year for us.

I dread writing our "holiday" letter. I fear saying too much about what we've been through.

Trying to find "nice" things to say some days can be almost impossible.

For the last six months, our telephone has rung no less than once every ten minutes, all day, from 8am until 9pm, every single day of the week. The phone is silent now. The creditors have been told to fuck-off and die. The papers have been filed and now we wait for the next stage of this process.

Peeking over the wall into next year, I am not sure what I expect to find.

What I would like to find:
More laughing. Lots more laughing.
More time with my family. (with more laughing!)
More time with my friends (and MORE laughing!)
Some level of acceptance.
Resolution to the turmoil that our family has been wrestling with this year (well, since 2009 really).

That is what I would like to see in the coming year.
I know I should wish for world peace, kindness to all mankind and freedom from Nature's harm...
but I figured maybe I would just set my sights a little lower for this coming year.

So, to everyone, may this coming year bring you joy and laughter.


  1. Here's to more laughing that's for sure.

  2. There is no such thing as too much laughing!

    (that should probably be the new family motto)

    We went out for Japanese bento for new years even dinner last night. Laughed all night long. When we finally gave up the tables after three hours, we were still laughing. That's a good time!