Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Old Pots, New Eyes

Looking at some of my old pots through new eyes has helped me start to appreciate some of the pots that I've kept over the years. This was a large-ish teabowl from back when I was making pots at SUNY-Cortland with John Jessiman during my first summer in Ithaca. I had never done anything with wax resist before... and John used hot melted paraffin wax. I had never tried to emulate Asian brushwork, and after these few pots, I stopped. I realized almost immediately that my faculties with a brush were simply not up to the task.

What strikes me now, almost twenty years after I made this bowl,... is how simple the form is and how the tenmoku glaze harmonizes the claybody and the decoration. It just works. I love the gentle iron sparkles that formed in the glaze. I think I only kept two pots from this time in Cortland, but by far, this was my favorite.

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