Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweating The Small Stuff (and loving it!)

This weekend, during the Ithaca Fine Craft Show, I had the opportunity to photograph work from one of the visiting artists from the Buffalo area, Mark and Katie Farrell of Buffalo Craft Company. Katie stopped by after setting up her work at the Museum of the Earth on Friday. After a brief chat about what she was wanting me to try to capture, she left me to my own devices. I haven't had much cause to photograph smaller works like jewelry in recent months. As such, this was a rare opportunity to problem solve and to attempt to combine some of my recent learning with some very practical needs.

What I had assumed would be at most an hour of shooting turned out to take the better part of the day. I quickly found that lighting small metallic objects with a combination of very shiny surfaces as well as matte textures, makes it nearly impossible to get good, soft, even light. I finally found some lighting arrangements which made the process a little smoother, but right up till the very end, I was really unsure how these images would feel in the final enlarged projected image.

By the time I finished my post-production editing, cropping and minor retouching, I felt confident that the images illustrated Mark and Katies attention to detail and love for materials. Check out their website and catch them at a show near you!

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