Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sympathy For The Devil

One of the things I relish is challenging my assumptions. I am always curious to see things from the other side. It used to drive my ex-wife crazy. I don't mean just being a Devil's advocate... but to really see things from another perspective. 

What do we see as certain, and why? How did we get to those assumptions? What would it take to challenge those beliefs?

Sometimes when I am sitting in a public space, I'll look around and pick someone innocuous looking... and bit by bit, I will start to see them in a much more insidious character. And so someone's soft spoken grandmother becomes a serial killer with a penchant for boiled knuckle pie. What would it take? How far away is that reality?

When I worked in clay, I would try to unthink my way out of a rut by re-examining my assumptions of how things could be made. Why did we have to make the pot right side up as we threw? Could a pot be made on its side? What about inside-out?

I am now trying to see photography in the same way. How do I convey a feeling? Where does that feeling come from? How do I challenge my assumptions about how we arrive at that emotion? Can I create an image that blurs the line of assumptions?

A closing aside: Does anyone have any interest in me posting any of the technical information about these portrait shots? The gear used, settings, software, editing, etc?

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