Friday, February 10, 2012

Beta Testing Lightroom 4 This Week

Self-portrait made with D300s, 70-200mm f/2.8 vrII, Paul C. Buff Einstein into a PCB stripbox with 
egg crate, and a second strobe through a partially exposed shoot-thru umbrella. 

At the end of January, Scott Kelby mentioned that Lightroom 4 was available for public beta testing. Normally I would be considered a "late adopter". I tend to wait till the bugs are worked out, fixes found and books written explaining all the little details. I didn't even begin using Lightroom until version 3. Yeah, I know, everyone LOVES Lightroom, but I figured, I use Photoshop. How could it possibly make my life any better. Suffice to say, I know better now. I live in Lightroom. It sits down to dinner with me. Lightroom runs my bath water and scrapes the ice off my car in the morning. Do I love it? Oh yeah. 

So what do I think of the latest incarnation, Lightroom 4? Am I as head-over-heels as everyone else in the blog-o-sphere seems to be? 


Like I said, I am normally a very late adopter. I generally feel that if something doesn't radically improve my workflow and the images I am working on, it probably isn't worth using. I know some folks swear by certain Photoshop actions and presets... but by and large, I find most of them to be pretty mundane and not worth the coin. Maybe if those actions or presets were my "style" in a box, that would be one thing. I would rather think that my style exists far outside of some software setting.

So why do I like Lightroom 4? The interface is amazing. If it is possible, it is more intuitive than before. The integration with my favorite Nik software (Silver Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro) is absolutely seamless. Most importantly though, the images just look better. As I said earlier, if it didn't make my life easier, and the images better, I would be happy to stick with the version 3. I am very curious to see what changes between the Beta and the final version available to the general public soon.

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