Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago Aurora came into this world with nary a peep and a full head of jet black hair. I had a full head of hair back then too. Since then she has lost the black hair (and I've just lost mine altogether) and she is definitely beginning to find her voice. Tonight we celebrated day two of her birthday. In our family we never seem to be able to cram everything we want to do for someone's birthday into just one day... so we've elected to stretch them out a little longer. This evening we celebrated with the family of her best friend, at a middle-eastern restaurant in Ithaca.

Late last night the snow started falling in tiny wisps, here and there. We awoke to a thin sheet of snow barely covering the ground. Nothing even worth sweeping off the stairs. By dinnertime, the weather had shifted a few times. It warmed up, it cooled off, it stopped snowing, and it started again. As we were driving into Ithaca the weather turned to crap. The roads iced over. The plows quit trying to do anything. Not one plow that we passed was plowing or spreading salt. Considering how little snow we've had, you'd think they would be anxious to spread that de-icer everywhere.

As a result, the drive into town was pretty miserable. It was made worse once we hit Ithaca and realized that for many of the students, tonight was their first night of driving on the white stuff. Having dinner up in Collegetown didn't make that any easier. Folks with four wheel drive were spinning out on the main drive up into C-town. Lots of cars found their way off the road and into folks' front yards or sidewalks. It was not pretty. We made it, safe and sound. Had a fantastic meal with friends!

Of course, by the time we said our good-byes, the roads were clear, pavement could be seen and the snow had abated. Live in Ithaca and don't like the weather : wait five minutes.

So why do I bring up today's weather when thinking about Aurora's birthday? As a February baby, I think of her time as being one of cold and snow covered. She is a child of winter. She skates, cross-country skis, loves sledding and snowshoeing.... anything pertaining to the snow, she loves. When we lived in Utah, a good chunk of each winter was spent with her in the backpack, on my shoulders, either on skis or walking through the park or the zoo. Winter was when we came alive!

This year has been miserly with the snow. I don't think we've had more than 4 inches of snow all winter. Makes it hard to feel like winter! Today's icy winds and snow squalls made it strangely much more fun, and certainly felt much more recognizable as winter. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post some more pictures of our puppy in the snow.

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