Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photographing Friends

I feel very fortunate to count among my family friends, Anastasia Lyon and her family. We first met, probably six or more years ago through TGHA girl's hockey in Ithaca. One of my favorite things to photograph has always been sports. I really enjoy watching the game with a different level of intensity. Somehow the reduced field of view changes my interaction with the game.

Part of what makes this doubly fun though, is that shooting Stasia is just TONS of fun. She plays with all of her heart. I have never seen her play with anything less than 100%. She's the kind of person everyone wants on their team. This weekend, she invited us to watch her basketball game against Trumansburg Middle School. If Stasia had stayed injury free, the score would likely have been even more lopsided than it was. In the first period there was a 20 point margin in Dryden's favor. Amazing coaching and very positive attitude towards every girl on the team. Everyone got great support. Photographing that level of cooperation is very fun!

Probably the biggest disappointment was in my gear. There is such a huge difference shooting in a small gym as compared to shooting outdoors in a soccer field or in a hockey arena. The lights in the gym were awful. Normally I make sure to get a good white balance setting before doing much shooting. I made a couple major goofs and ended up really mixing up my settings. (hey, it happens to the best of us... and some of us it happens to more often than not....)

Thankfully I had shot everything in RAW so there was a little more leeway for fixing things in post.

My second frustration was that even with my 70-200mm VRII f/2.8 lens, I was still forced to shoot at ISO 1250-1600. It was pretty darned dark. With my D300s, grain starts creeping in around ISO 1000, and by 1600 it is annoying. This is the first time where I have felt limited by this body. I remember back when I was shooting with my D80, in hockey arenas and at ISO 2000 it failed to focus at 1/200th of a second. Made shooting hockey almost impossible.

So much still to learn! Working with amazing kids like Stasia make it totally worthwhile. Thanks again for inviting me to your game Anastasia.


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  2. Thanks! Shooting indoor sports can be really difficult. This was a total blast! Can't wait to shoot some hockey this year.