Sunday, February 19, 2012

Takin' over the park

You haven't seen fun until you've watched a doodle slide down the slide at a kid's playground. Georgia rode the slide right side up, on her side and on her feet. On this particular adventure, it was seriously cold and she was freshly sheared, so she wasn't terribly inclined to put her bare belly on that cold plastic. She went down once, but wasn't ready to make a day of it. Very windy and cold. I couldn't say as I blamed her either.


  1. Your daughter is growing up to be a beauty.
    I enjoyed the catch up and reading about her birthday. Life seems so fast when you look back at it and, yet, you know you were there.
    I am amazed that Mark and I will be 60 this year with our kids into their 30's...some days I long for the wee one in the back pack....and other days I am just happy to be.

  2. It is scary watching her grow up so fast. After this summer, and her finally gaining freedom from her mother's tyranny, she has sprouted wings and taken flight. She is exploring things like a toddler... and at the same time gaining very sagacious insight into her life. Wonderful time to watch and be a part of!

  3. My favorite thing about these pictures is how happy Aurora and Georgia look with each other!