Sunday, March 25, 2012

Groomin' da fuzz

There is something so unusually sincere about Georgia Rose's facial expressions. Her ability to go from being very dog-like and playful, goofy even... to suddenly being thoughtful, contemplative... even moody.... it is just wild. I have never known another animal to exhibit such a range of emotions. I would be the last person to ascribe human behaviors to an animal... but with Georgia, it isn't avoidable. Folks joke that she is a kid in a dog suit. 

Last week she got to go to the groomer's again. She needed her spring cleaning. Came home and was bouncing everywhere. Sideways, overhead, upside down. She just needed to frolic and pronk. Now that she didn't have hair in her eyes, and she could see where she was bouncing... all she wanted to do was bounce! So we picked up her Frisbee and started tossing it around. Not five minutes went by before she was snatching them out of the sky... for the first time! She could see them and she wanted to pull them down so she could nom on them. And nom she did. Completely destroyed the hard plastic Frisbee. Turned it into a plastic sieve. The Kong frisbee however, is still intact and looks like it can continue taking abuse for a lot longer. 

Tomorrow, Georgia and I are off to see how much trouble we can get into at one of the State Parks further north of us. It is going to be a cool day, after weeks of remarkably unseasonable weather, it is cold again. Time to get out there and enjoy it while it lasts!

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