Thursday, April 26, 2012

Details of the Fence Making Machine

Nothing but images tonight folks. Sorry. I am just tapped out from a long emotionally exhausting day. More fun tomorrow! For now... some more wonderful details of the fence pounding machine that gave us our new fence.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Fence Me In (just kidding)

Back in December, our bankruptcy began. Long story made short, we had to spend the disability monies I had just received otherwise the creditors got to run away with them. We had always hoped to put up a deer fence in our yard, but the cost for fencing is insane. At the suggestion of our amazing friend Leon Ginenthal, we hired Anthony Burkholder from up near Romulus. 

We originally thought he would install our fence during the icy cold winter months when the ground would be frozen and his tracked machine would do less damage. Well, we never saw a real winter this year. As my time for surgery approached, I realized that he needed to start soon or there would be no way I could help with any of the prep or cleanup. As timing would have it, he started last week. Yeah. 

This great big rig showed up in our driveway and two teenagers started unloading all sorts of machinery and implements of destruction, along with posts and wire. He arrived at 4:30pm... about the time most folks are knocking off for the day. He and his crew worked for a hard hour and by the time they left, the shape of our fence was already taking hold. 

Two days later he was done driving posts and running deer fence around our little yard. Wires had been tightened and our gate hung. Everything looked amazing. In the blink of an eye, he was done.  I think Anthony would agree, none of it would have been possible without this insane drilling, pounding, driving machine that did most of the heavy lifting. It worked through shale for twenty minutes at a time in some holes. With ten tons of pressure behind it, the drill bit would get red hot, and then they would fire water down the hole and the stone would shatter. A few minutes later, a pressure treated post would be sitting perfectly straight and true in the ground. WHAM!  Tomorrow I will share some of my other images of this amazing machine and it's Road Warrior meets Terminator persona. 

You might be offended if...

You might be offended by seeing my shaved belly post-surgery. I can't apologize though. To me, these surgical scars are war wounds that I never wanted.  As a way of trying to make light of the radical change my body has undergone this week, I submit for your amusement, a detailed map of all they did to me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pet Portrait Session Last Week

Last week, Nancy Cusumano and I got together again to take more pet portraits. This time we were working on getting some images of her dog, Summer. It was such an incredbly sunny spring afternoon, with the sun throwing long afternoon shadows everywhere.