Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Beginnings of Rose Season at Der Rosenmeister Nursery

As the month of May begins to get seriously warm and humid, the roses at Der Rosenmeister Nursery are starting their flush of color and intense smell. After an almost non-existent winter, Lee's roses took some considerable abuse this spring; heat waves in February followed by wave after wave of late frosts (some very hard frosts!) and culminating in an extremely large hail storm just a few weeks ago. Even through all of the precarious weather and massive fluctuations in the seasonal norms, Lee's roses are still full of color and vigor! Der Rosenmeister is open most weekends and by appointment. Follow Lee on facebook and his blog (and website!).


  1. That photo of the bee is a real stunner.

  2. Thanks! Trying to photograph bugs and critters with this macro is tough. It is only a 60mm macro, so you have to nearly touch it with your lens to get really close. I am saving for a 105mm macro, which might happen by Christmas. That would allow me a few more feet of distance, and hopefully less disrupting to the critters. Thanks for the comment.