Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Out

self-portrait with my favorite wide brimmed hat, after a morning in the garden

For the first time in over two years, I am finally back out in the garden. With virtually no stamina, and some days, even less strength, it has been tiring. But being back outside, among the birds and butterflies, the buzzing of the bees and with Georgia jumping through the bushes.... it is such a great freedom.

Tomorrow is the Ithaca Plant Sale. The last time we went to the plant sale, we brought home a van full of plants; annuals, perennials and shrubs. This year we are trying to cut down on what we have to take care of. Much of what we aim to pick up will be potted up annuals. Many of our beds of perennials will be dug up, weeds cut down and the best plants replanted elsewhere. My hope is to see at least two of these perennial beds turned into a small orchard of fruit trees. Now that we have our deer fence around the garden, it finally seems possible.


  1. Great photo Alex, especially like the tone of the photo, like the old sepia. My Gary wears a hat just like that in the garden. The holes in the top let it breath.

    It takes time and gets a little better as time goes by. I actually have a raised bed vegetable garden this year. Been dreaming of some flowers but none so far except the wild ones.

  2. Alex- you look great! really things are coming along and I hope more for you each day.
    Enjoy that new freedom.

  3. Things are improving every single day. This morning we went to the plant sale in Ithaca. Almost 100 plant vendors under a bright sunny sky, no rain anywhere... perfect. We bought plants knowing full well that this summer, unlike the last 2 years, we could actually take care of them! Big steps for sure. So we loaded up on annuals and veggies. I cant wait to have tomatoes again!! By the time they are ready, my new tubular stomach will be too. I cant wait!