Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Was Gonna Talk About Food...

I was gonna talk about food tonight... in part because hunger and cravings are back with a vengeance. Instead, I am going to finally show off our new fence. We can talk about how wonderful it is. Yeah. That's got to be better than talking about food tonight.

So why on earth did we need such a big fence? For the last decade, we have tried to have a garden full of perennials and fruit trees and even some vegetables. Every year, without fail, our daily herd of deer would use our yard as a short cut to the greatest salad bar in the neighborhood. Without fail, just as our plants were starting to look amazing, the deer would mow them down perfectly.

When Leon Ginenthal of Der Rosenmeister Nursery suggested we call Anthony Burkholder  to install our fence, we were really unsure how we would fare. I have seen deer jump eight foot high fences no problem. I asked Lee how his rose nursery had fared with deer predation. He hasn't had a single deer problem since his fence went up. He spoke highly of Burkholder and said we would never regret doing it.

In the last picture tonight, you can see the last straggler from a group of eight deer that crossed not twenty feet from where I was shooting. No fear. No hesitation.

At least now we can say that the salad bar is off limits to these varmints!

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