Monday, June 18, 2012


Summer sun, summer sunburn, cooling off in the shade... yeah. Freedom.
This weekend, one of my goals is to try to get my family to stand still long enough that we can get a proper family photo. I haven't shot anything with the three of us in it for almost three years. The last one I shot was just after I left the hospital after the coma. Strangely enough, I was gaining weight at the time... trying to heal a HUGE wound. Now the weight is coming off and it feels very different.

This is not the freedom of which I want to speak.

What I really want to talk about is Aurora.

And the Freedom to wear flippers in the house on your ninth birthday.

Six years later, we celebrate Aurora being free from the tyranny of the past twelve years. We have made it through the court system again. This time, Aurora led the charge. Her eloquent articulation combined with the observations of her therapist and law guardian made it so that she was free to choose where she wants to spend the remainder of her teenage years.

Freedom is such a crazy thing. We have assumed all along that we were free to do what needed doing. Reality has been considerably different. It is only being on the other side of the wall that we are made aware of how much of our life was waiting to happen. Even now, the tears don't hesitate to roll down my cheeks.

It is funny how this new found freedom has pulled us closer as a family, and simultaneously given us each so much more independence. I wouldn't say we are care-free, by any means... but happy and safe sound pretty darned good right now.


  1. I can not imagine having to fight with someone for your child.
    I know you will be a stronger family with this gift you now hold.

  2. I try not to get into the gory details in my post because whenever you talk about abuse and neglect you get into a nasty legal morass. All I can say now is that Aurora is safe, getting great therapy and is happy. We can all breathe a collective sigh. Some days we need to cry, others laugh. Now we can do both without fear.