Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pulling the Sled (or Mushing through the Roses)

After a long day of hot, sweaty garden work, these two like nothing more than to add some serious weight training to their day. This was Aurora's first time pulling the steel sled. Normally, one would add a stack of barbell weights to the sled. Instead, Lee hopped on for a ride down the hill, through the roses.

When it came time to turn around and head back up the hill, the sled would have none of it. Aurora leaned with all her might, but the leaden weight of the sled went nowhere. The hardest part of watching this was holding the camera steady while I was laughing so hard. Here were two of the most serious, intense people I know... playing by dragging heavy loads on a steel sled, in the heat of the summer. Playing, I tell you.

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