Monday, July 16, 2012

Cary Joseph's Latest Anagama Woodfired Pottery

These are just a few of the amazing pots I shot this week for Cary Joseph. I think most of these are from the anagama at Corning Community College, in Corning NY. One of the things I love so much about anagama firings is the effect that such long firings have on the range of colors on the clay. In some kilns, the accumulation of wood ash tends to make the pots look like they are covered in drippy snot. I can't imagine Cary's pots that way. They demand the subtlety that comes from flashing over a heavy iron clay, and many many hours of slow cooling. I think this firing was also reduction cooled, which influenced the greys and blacks in these pots. Fantastic firing. I would love to see more of the pots that came from this kiln, just to see the whole range of effects that comes from the variation throughout the kiln.

It is strange that after nearly three years of not making pots, I feel almost as engaged in the clay community as I did while I was throwing pots every day. I guess it just shows that there is so much that goes into being a potter that has precious little to do with the day to day "making" of pots. That part just never goes away.

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