Friday, July 27, 2012

I blinked.

This was taken in 2006. Yeah. Six years ago. Such a baby face. Such mischief in those eyes!

Not quite the same kid. Pushing her way through her teenager-hood. Sometimes kicking, sometimes screaming. Always with those eyes.

I guess that's all I wanted to say tonight.


  1. we do mourn the loss of their childhood, but I am hear to tell you the continuing realationship is just as wonderous and good.
    She has amazing eyes.

  2. It is interesting hearing this idea of mourning the loss of childhood, since that is almost exactly how Aurora said it. She commented, about a year ago, that she felt like she had no child left in her. It was gone. It was said very casually, not in any sort of depressed way. It broke my heart. I think the reality has been very different. Since she became free from the violence and tumult of her mother's house, she has regained a great deal of that inner-child. Weekly therapy has helped too! ;)