Saturday, August 4, 2012

By Candlelight

This image was made one evening in February, years and years ago when we'd lost power and were sitting around the table, trying to keep warm by candlelight. Aurora's face was lit so perfectly, I couldn't help myself! Just HAD to shoot it. The hardest part: figuring out settings on the camera when I couldn't see what I was adjusting. Never occurred to me back then to include a small flashlight in my camera bag.

As I dig through my old harddrives and find these images from way back when, it is very inspiring. I feel like some of the sensibilities I see in my work now, have been there all along. I used to assume I needed some special new tool, new gear, whatever... in order to be able to take better pictures. At this point, I feel like the camera is secondary to the vision I have to have in order to make the image happen.

So, who wants to see more pictures of this kid way back when?


  1. is this a trick question?
    of course I want to see more of that face!!

  2. I have so many old pictures of this kid.... years and years worth. Finding piles of photos in places I didn't even think to look. Funny how that happens when you are de-cluttering the house.