Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collecting Images for my Pop

A few months ago, my dad commented that there are never enough pictures of Aurora to satisfy his grand-parental needs. So, to soothe the dadster, here are a few pictures I have dredged up from Aurora's vault o'images from the past four years or so. More to come. 


  1. I see my little baby aurora and I see my son in her (almost) grown up face. And I see potential - a universe of potential. Beautiful - consider my grandparental needs to be semi satisfied. Thank you.


  2. Glad I could help. Looking back at this pile of images, I am forced to walk through a minefield of memories. Some are wonderful, some less so. What is exciting though, is seeing Aurora's memories come back as we look at these images of her. Because Nancy's perimenopause began not long after we got married, she has major gaps in her memory from much of Aurora's first decade... so for all of us this reflection has been very interesting. MORE images on the way soon!