Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photo Safari with Nancy - More Chrome Dreams

A few weeks ago, Nancy and I stopped at our local grocery store's parking lot while a low-key car show was happening. Nancy loves just about anything that predates the 1970's. Cars and trucks, chrome and turquoise, hot rods and low riders... Nancy loves all the storied history behind these gorgeous cars. 

When we go on photo safaris Nancy and I try to pick a theme, a place or subject. Sometimes it just grabs us. Sometimes the light is perfect (regardless of what we're shooting)... and other times, we get skunked. This spring, we didn't find any really amazing, compelling stuff on any of our photo safaris. Nancy, Aurora and I have a very synergistic way of working on our photo shoots. Nancy has an amazing eye for composition and detail. She can capture the essence of her subject in an instant. 

At the same time, she has no desire whatsoever to know any of the technical aspects of her camera. So she'll hand her camera over, I'll set it as I would want it set for me... and then I hand it back and watch. Nancy recently started using my 55-200mm Nikon zoom that came with the Nikon D80. A simple kit lens, but still a very nice lens when stopped down to f/8 or so. The VR function helps with any hand-shake that might otherwise happen when racked out to the max on the zoom. 

Nancy's eye for detail is so graphic in nature. You can see the advertisements and posters in her style. She doesn't see a snap shot. She sees the whole composition. One of the things we've talked about recently is the idea of adding a "pinup" type model to these sorts of antique cars shots. Might be a very fun proposition. Sort of a modern-retro style. Could be fun!

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