Friday, August 17, 2012

Portrait of the Biologist as a Wet Dog

This has been an awesome summer for this kid. A year ago, she entered the summer with enough tumult and strife for a dozen kids. She started karate last fall... and every week since she has pushed herself harder and harder. She has poured all of herself into her love for Seido Karate. During the lake training, I expected to see her struggling with her gi in the waist deep water. Nope. Instead, there was this ear-to-ear, shit-eating grin. Non-stop. Even her kyoshis commented on it. She was totally in her element. 

This week we stumbled onto an article discussing the speech behavior issues surrounding dolphin research. Could it be possible to have two way communication? A shared language? Aurora ate it up like it was Nutella. The next step is so close and it will carry her so far from here. Seeing these changes lift her up out of where she was a year ago gladdens my heart. I have spent so many years worried sick for her. In her most vulnerable moment, she lamented the loss of her childhood. I see her grabbing her teen years by the shoulders and giving them a good shaking-down. Sure does make me smile.


  1. wonderful stuff Alex, great pictures and memories. I sometimes save you for those wee hours when sleep is over and life is quiet.
    Thanks- I so enjoyed. M

  2. Meredith, the same is true for me of your blog. I typically get to read yours either very early in the morning or late at night. Same sentiment too.... I savor the things that you have written.

  3. Wow Alex- thanks- that is so nice to hear.
    This has been a strange and wonderful trip we are all on.