Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shining a Little Light

1/200 at f/10, ISO 200, with tungsten gel on sb700, off-camera, custom white balance.

Nancy and I have very few pictures of the two of us together. A handful. It is getting to be the season where I start thinking about family portraits for holiday cards. I know, it isn't even really fall yet, but the light is changing and the days are shortening. Today I wanted to play with an idea that I saw on the Strobist blog: overpowering the sun. I wanted to see just how much oomph I could get out of one of my little speedlights... so I gelled it with the kit tungsten filter, and dropped the ambient to near darkness. I love how that created such rich saturated colors. Then in Lightroom, I adjusted the white balance so that the tungsten filter was made neutral and that gave my image a very warm rich tone.

My plan is to do more family portraits this fall. I am sure that there will be some last minute senior portraits as soon as school gets into full swing next month. I am excited about the prospect of more portrait shooting as the weather cools off and as my health continues to improve. Very exciting time for me!

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