Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Unexpected Gift of Time

How much time do you have? In a rush to answer, most of us immediately think of what we have to do next. What is our itinerary? Who put that meeting on our schedule? That's not what I mean.

How much time do you have?

What I mean is: if I give you an hour, what will you do with it? If I give you a day, will you share it? What is a week worth if it is the last week you'll ever have?

This post was edited a day after my original post at the recommendation that the things I had written could come back to bite me in the ass. So, consider it deleted.


  1. You leave me speechless and yet I can identify with what you went through. My brother married a woman who after years developed a mental illness. He would spent many years fighting the courts who would not give him sole custody. Why? because he was a lawyer and they did not want to show favoritism to him.
    The scars are still there for the son who would never be able to figure out who he is. He lives with my mother, his grandmother, unable to hold a job or function in the real world.
    We do not know what will happen when she is gone. Where will he go?
    The stability you have given your child will help her through the choppy waters.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I know it must be hard.
    The pictures of her just light up.
    Thank God you have her now.

  2. I take no small measure of pride in having gotten A into therapy over a year ago. Her therapist is one of the most highly regarded therapists for teens in the area. He has made such a difference in so many aspects of her life.

    I am sorry to hear that your brother has had to go through similar circumstances. It is heartbreaking.

    What gives me peace now is seeing this amazing kid blossom. I can see the day when she strikes out on her own, in full bloom. Not that far off either!