Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shorter Days and Longer Shadows

When the kids return to school and the air begins to have a chill in the morning, I am taken back. This week marks the third year since I went in for my colon surgery. So much has happened in these past few years. I've decided that rather than continuing to write about the coma experience on this blog, I am moving it to a new blog:

Feel free to follow along. I have reposted most of the stories from both of my older blogs... the clay blog and then the later photo blog. Where I could, I reposted the images that I included in my original posts.

I found one of my notebooks from last year, and realized that I had jotted down over three pages of notes with each line demarking a unique coma dreamtime experience. There is plenty to write and thankfully lots of time to make it happen. I look forward to hearing what people think on reading some of this material. It sure is odd seeing the words on the page as opposed to the memories in my head.

I guess this is the long way of saying that from now on my posts here will be about my photography process and the subsequent images. All the story stuff has moved. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. I'm glad the new site has photos - but not photos of your colon.

    1. Funny thing about that: I almost did just that. But Aurora took my colonoscopy images to school with her a few years ago and I haven't seen them since. Yeah, she got an A on that unit in Biology. Go figure. Hard to compete with other kids when you can talk about digestion from the inside out.