Monday, October 15, 2012

New Jewelry from Linda Christensen

I met Linda a few weeks ago, on the recommendation of a mutual friend. After talking about her goal of getting her work into an online resource for artists wanting to wholesale their crafts to galleries, we agreed that we needed to push the image quality of her work.

I spent the better part of two days arranging and re-arranging her necklaces and earrings; constantly looking for ways to highlight the fossils and beach stones she loves using. Most of her glass beads are antique glass too, and I wanted to capture that age, if possible.

My previous experience shooting small jewelry centered around Nancy's glass beadwork (EarCandy) and some other assorted metalworked jewelry. This was a very exciting prospect. After all was said and done, I feel that the finished images speak of the quiet simplicity of Linda's vision.

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  1. I found out today that Linda's work was juried in to Wholesale This had been her goal throughout this whole process. I don't think she could be happier. Made me very proud to have had a small hand in helping that come to fruition.