Saturday, November 17, 2012

Removing the First Layer (in the rain)

This is a strange part of the process. Here, what you're seeing, is the sanding through all these old layers of paint, finding the screws at the butt joint of each plank. Then uncovering the bunghole, removing the wooden plug, uncovering the manganese bronze screws and finally pulling them slowly, carefully out of the wood. Oh, and they were doing this in the cold rain. Yeah. I think that was why they were in a hurry to get the new shelter shrink-wrapped.

Here the transom was covered with a quick tarp while everyone was working on cutting out sections. As each layer was uncovered, they got closer and closer to the inner structure of the boat.

Those are not giant termite holes. More bungholes. Every one of those giant manganese bronze screws is saved. Hopefully, my photographs, combined with the original plans for this boat will make rebuilding it "easy". Somehow, I think along the way, between the discovery of hidden problems and innovation, there are bound to be some new additions to this gorgeous boat.

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  1. Ain't it amazing what you can make out of a tree?