Monday, December 31, 2012

Lyon Family Portrait, December 2012

There is something very exciting about photographing folks that you've gotten to know over many years. I have known the Lyon family since Aurora started playing hockey. We're talking "not-much-out-of-daipers" kinda time.... and we have always laughed non-stop, through every get together. Didn't matter if it was a 10⁰F hockey rink, or sitting by Cayuga Lake enjoying a picnic.... we always laughed, joked and played. In this time, I have gotten to watch these kids mature into amazing young adults. Their attitude and fortitude is astounding. To be asked to compose some new family portraits was an honor and privilege. 

What I loved most was watching their faces, as whoever wasn't being photgraphed stood behind me (or beside me) making faces, telling jokes and otherwise distracting the talent. Made for a VERY lively, fun session! My face is still sore from all the laughing and giggling yesterday. I can't count the number of times I had to pull the camera away from my face because I was laughing so incredibly hard.

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