Monday, January 7, 2013

The Men of the "When and If"

Captain Dennis Montgomery, of the Cayuga Wooden Boatworks 

Last week I went up to the Cayuga Wooden Boatworks in the town of Cayuga, to see what changes had been made on the "When and If" since the holidays. Apparently quite a few folks had taken ill over the holidays so work had slowed since the last time I had been up to shoot.

Taking advantage of having nearly everyone there, I figured it would be an ideal day to try to capture some portraits of everyone at work. Unfortunately, by the time we had everyone assembled, it was lunch time. These are the few portraits I was able to wring from my short visit last week. It gave me more ideas for both backgrounds and for potential positions to be ready for.... and it gave me a chance to work with ambient light exclusively. Certainly is a far cry from my work in the studio. After reading David Hobby and Joe McNally's blogs this week, I feel like I need to set down my lights for a bit, work on framing the shot with more interest, and then begin to create mood/light etc.

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