Sunday, February 17, 2013

Portraits of Boatbuilders

Watching Jay, Jeff and Cody working on the When and If this past week was amazing. These images illustrate how they did the final fitting for the horn timber and the transom. With everything fitting together with insane precision, I just stood back and watched as high-tech and old-tech came together seamlessly. This assembly was made from laminated plies of tropical hardwoods (sustainably harvested) with a bizarre adhesive similar to urea formaldehyde glues. Once it is laid up and under pressure, it creates a ply-wood with incredibly stability and strength.

Nothing about this assembly was easy. The fitting was a lift and measure, sand, fit, remeasure, repeat process. By the time I arrived, they were in the stages of the final fitting. After they were sure that all mating surfaces were ready to join, more adhesive was applied to the bonding surfaces. While that adhesive set up, huge bolts were threaded through holes and drawn tight against the wood.

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