Friday, February 22, 2013

Questions For My Readers

I have been working on a new website for Alex Solla Photography for about five months now. In the last few weeks I have been putting far more energy into the new site than this blog.

My questions:
1. Does anyone read this blog directly via Blogger? Or are you reading it via FB? RSS? as email subscription?

2. What sort of things interest you the most on this blog?

3. What would you like to see more of? Technical stuff? Behind the scenes? Interviews? Artistic discussions?

4. If this blog became a part of my website proper, would that matter?

Now, to make this even more fun, everyone who replies will be entered to win an 8x12 print from any of my images. I will draw one random name next Thursday, Feb 28th.

Good luck!


  1. I usually read via facebook notification. Interested in you and your thoughts and the Wooden Boat restoration.
    I am not looking for anything in particular, but I enjoy reading some people's blogs...hearing how they navigate life, what excites them, their own artistic expression....

    1. Thanks Kathy. I have tried keeping this blog centered around the photo-biz, and tried to NOT clutter it up with personal stuff... but I am realizing that the personal part is a HUGE part of who I am as an artist. We'll see how this translates in this new iteration.

  2. Hey Alex,

    I read the blog via RSS mostly, though I often click through for images. Of course I'm interested in your worldview, especially how that overlaps with photography, but to tell you the truth, I'd love to see more images from around upstate. We miss the hell out of that place and all you lovely folks.

    Oh, also, consider more discussion of form. With a hundred thousand pots behind you, I think you have a much more intuitive sense of line and form than anyone I've ever met. So how does that translate? What are the lessons you take from pottery that get implanted into your shutter finger.

    I'd love to see technical stuff, too, because I'm totally a sucker for that.

    And, speaking as a copywriter: you should ABSOLUTELY integrate the blog into your new site.

    Looking forward to seeing the new version of the site!

    1. Thanks Justin. I hadn't considered the relationship between what I did with form and clay as being integral to my photography. Interesting connection. I think I will have to explore that and see what comes from this idea.

      I tend to stay away from the technical, only because someone else already wrote about it, or put up a video on youtube... and I have so little interest in doing that stuff right now. Might be fun later on, but right now, there's plenty of other stuff that competes for my attention. Not sure what I would have to offer on a technical level that would be of any value. Will have to look into this idea further.

      AND... if you want to see what the new site is looking like, email me, and I will send you a live link to the new WP site. It is looking pretty good so far.

  3. Do I have to buy anything to enter your contest? Do I have to listen to a timeshare sales pitch? Do I have to know what all the TLA's mean? - If I shut up, can I win the print?

    1. No, Mr. Raven, you don't have to buy anything, or sell anything, or make anything that is sold. And yes, if you shut up, you could win a print. Especially if you say "pretty please with a cherry on top".

    2. OK - cherry please with a pretty on top.

  4. Alex ... consolidate everything under your own domain. You might even consider bringing the archive of posts from your pottery blog too, so Alex Solla is all under one roof. As long as you can export the posts and images in a format that can be imported into a hosted Wordpress database ... it would be good to have YOU in one place. Because even if this new site is specifically about photography, it would be good to have the clay posts and images on the same site for SEO purposes as well.

    One other thing you might consider, is registering a second domain for you own URL shortening, when you tweet & for FB. Mine is yours could be,, or and so on. If you do this & need help ... let me know.

    When I read, your blog, I come via FB notifications. As far as what the blog should be about? EVERYTHING! Please don't limit yourself, you then limit the audience. You might consider posting topics on specific days, i.e., How-To Mondays, Tech Tuesday, Hump Day Hurdles (interviews, almost anything here) etc etc ... you get the idea. Or not. ;)

    What interests me most about this blog, is you. Your eye, your talent, your wordsmithing, your take, your knowledge, technical and artistic.

    So go forth my furry fiend and fabricate. Make it new, make it cool, make it you!

    That's my 2¢ U.S. :)

    1. Consolidation is the plan Joe! I looked into importing the old blog into WP, but am kinda confused. Blogger exported an XML files, so I dont really understand how that would import into WP. Suggestions?

      As for writing about stuff... I am thinking I may do a little stretching on this blog... not just writing about photography related stuff, but maybe throwing in some of my other ideas. Things about contemporary issues, etc. We'll see.

  5. I still find it interesting that years ago your intended vocation was in photography. Then there was this passionate side trip to clay, and throwing, and glazes, and form and function. Now we come full circle to photography, your exploration of composition and light, aesthetics as well as historical documentation, a passion to capture what you see. And you are bringing all your life experience to bear in what and how you view things. Your dedication is commendable, your work full of meaning. Keep on keeping on.
    Cheers! Granny

    1. Thanks Gran! Glad you find meaning in this body of work. Looking forward to pushing this medium farther and farther!