Friday, February 15, 2013

Replacing the Horn Timber on the When and If

For those of you who haven't followed along with the progress of the renovation of the When and If, take a look at my earlier posts about this schooner. This week was the final fitting and installation of the new horn timber. With this new beam in place, the spine of the aft end of the boat is in place and these huge beams begin to frame in the transom area.


  1. now that's something you won't see on New Yankee Workshop!

    1. That's for sure. What is so surprising about watching these guys work, is the combination of low-tech and high-tech. Lots of simple handtools, a few power tools but less than you'd think (esp compared to home construction).... but the high tech is SUPER high tech... think laminates and CAD design for these curved, carved forms. Incredible how they can create all these complex angles and curves, out of WOOD!

    2. And dont even get me started on the adhesives they are working with! wow!