Friday, February 8, 2013

Visiting Seattle

In the time since I met Nancy, over twelve years ago, we have never had a "real" vacation. Everywhere we have gone has involved work, family or both. For years it was doing shows on the craft circuit, staying in motels so cheap that even the prostitutes wouldn't spend the night there. We ate cheaply, worked hard and tried to enjoy the 57 channels of commercials on the cable box (we didn't have tv at home). Visiting with family was hard too. Travelling with a small child meant ear infections and screaming on the plane. It meant sunburns from forgotten sunblock. It meant vacation wasn't really vacation. This year we wanted to try something different. So, at the end of January, we flew to Seattle.

Our original plan was to drive a bit each day, stay somewhere cheap, look around, eat good food, and move on the next day. That changed almost the moment we mentioned we were heading to Seattle, when one of Nancy's friends from high school, Ann, invited us to stay with her family. The image below is of Ann's amazing home on Bainbridge Island. Just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, it was our homebase for the five days we were in town.

Ann took us out on a driving tour of the island on Super Bowl Sunday. While we made our way, winding through the back roads of the island, Ann took us out to a couple different beaches and coves. Walking along the shoreline at low tide, exposed some lovely tide pools filled with sea anemones, sea stars, barnacles, abalone, clams, crabs, you name it! It was a very grey day which made for excellent photographic conditions.

While we were scrambling around on the slippery rocks and clay outcroppings, trying NOT to step on the sea anemones exposed by the low tide, we kept hearing faint barking sounds. Eventually we figured out that it was coming from across the cove, near the fish ponds where the sea lions were gathering. We didn't get to see the sea lions up close, but just hearing them was quite a surprise. We did get a chance to see otters, eagles, and even harbor porpoises. The general consensus from the family is that we are heading back out to Seattle at the soonest possible opportunity!

Which leads me to my question of the week: If you were going out to the Pacific Northwest.... where would you go? What would you want to do with your time? Where would you stay? What is on your Must-Do list?


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    1. Say more Kathy. Having only spent a weekend in Portland, I dont feel like I have a good grasp on the scope of what Oregon has to offer. Tell me more.