Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking About Texture

Paint removal on the hull of the "When and If" schooner being restored by the Cayuga Wooden Boatworks in Cayuga, NY

One of the side effects of the winter slump in working flowing through the studio is the accompanying increase in time to explore areas that otherwise get ignored during our busy season. For me, this piece of the "some and some" puzzle has always been a difficult juggling act. On one hand, the cash flow coming in from assignments, new jobs and clients coming directly to the studio is fantastic... no question. Seeing so many happy customers is a thrill in itself.

The only downside is when I forget to shoot things for myself, for fun.

And that is what this winter has reminded me. To that end, I have taken a chunk of time each day, one or two days a week (or on the weekend if the family wants to go play)... and that chunk of time has been spent exploring texture.  I have been told by my fellow potters that my close-up photos remind them of glazed surfaces. Kind of makes me giggle, since when I was a potter, I was trying to go the opposite direction... making my glazes look like worn surfaces I was around all the time: metal, debris, wood, polished stone, tree bark, etc. Here I am now, on the other side of the equation and I still can't get this love of detail out of my inner vision. I guess that means I should probably follow the path and see where this leads!

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