Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where Things Are At With The When and If

The "When and If" has seen a ton of work since I last blogged about it. Right now the deck boards are coming off, deck beams with dry rot have been repaired, the boathouses on the deck have come off, and the horntimber has been replaced and is being finished.

This week, while I was at the boatyard photographing the progress, I was amazed by how NONE of the deck on the bow remains. In fact, they have repaired the damaged deck beams, all the big screws have been pulled from the beams, and are now being filled with oak plugs and epoxy.

Knowing my fear of heights (and falling!), and also in the spirit of keeping a safe workplace, the deck was covered in fitted sheets of plywood. Once I was secure in knowing that I wouldn't fall through the beams and end up broken in tiny bits, I was able to relax and get some amazing shots of the deck minus the decking. After I finished shooting on the upper portion of the boat, I was invited outside the shelter to see where all the teak decking that had been cut out of the schooner was stacked neatly, almost like cord wood (yep, that's a BIG pile of short sections of teak, below)

The horn timber is in place along with new frames and some metal reinforcement. As I understand this assembly, soon all this gorgeous wood will be concealed, under layers of inner planks, creating a small finished interior space. This space will end up most likely being used as a tiny storage space, perhaps holding life jackets and such... so after all this amazingly complex work is done, it wont be visible again until her next renovation decades from now.

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