Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Awesome Trumansburg Home For Sale

For the past few weekends, our friends have been prepping their home to put it on the market. For twelve years, in the little town of Trumansburg, they called this home. Sixteen rooms, 2 dining rooms, more bathrooms than I could count... this is a huge house! While it certainly needs some TLC and renovation, it is very livable in its current state. This house would make a perfect B&B. There are plenty of guest rooms, lots of sitting rooms, and dining space... even a BIG kitchen. There's even an attached space (above) that would be perfect as an office for a home business. The ground floor rooms all have very high ceilings. The bedrooms upstairs sport rooms with a more modest ceiling height although still taller than your average home.  

Now they are putting this house on the market in hopes that someone can invest the time and resources into a home that is not only a historic marvel, but a home that they loved thoroughly.  Here are my favorite images from the shoot last weekend.

In my experience, most realtors shoot a handful of quick images, with a point and shoot camera, and then those images are all that exist to represent the home. About two years ago, David Hobby wrote about his experience selling his home, and the process he went through figuring out how to best show off his house via his images (and later a blog/real estate page as he sold his house).

Here, Celisa is pointing at one of the upstairs window panes, where the original owners inscribed the glass with the date of when the window was installed: 18-something. There is also a huge slab of stone steps into the front door, and one of them is inscribed 1851. Unfortunately, that inscription has seen a lot of weathering and abrasion (seeing as how it is part of the steps into the home). Hopefully I will be able to get a better image of the steps on a day when the sun isnt so high in the sky.

This is such an amazing house. It is big enough for a large family. It would make an ideal bed & breakfast. It is a one minute walk down the hill into Trumansburg (great schools, incredible food!), and only about 20 minutes from Ithaca.

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