Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mid-April Report on the When and If

The transom on the When and If is coming together, bit by bit. The inner layer of the outer planking on the hull has begun. You can see those planks underneath Cody's feet in the left side of the image above. If you look to the right side, you can see a head popping up through the opening where the next layer of planking will be going this coming week. Each of these planks are hand fitted, tapered and scarfed to fit exactly. And on this schooner, there are two layers of planking that overlap on the hull. More images of that to come soon!

This is what the deck looks like facing the bow from midship. The plywood covers over the gaps where there is nothing to walk on! As soon as the new teak is finished being milled down in PA, the re-decking will begin.

This is what supports the decking. Pretty wild to see the underside of it all. As the repairs continue, and these areas are covered again, it is incredible to think about what it looked like during the "excavation" process. Seeing the bare bones of this schooner laid open illustrates how many layers come together to integrate into this amazing sailing vessel. So complex and still so incredibly strong!

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  1. You are lucky to have the opportunity to watch this happen.