Monday, April 8, 2013

New Website for Der Rosenmeister

My friend, Leon Ginenthal, and I just put the finishing touches on his new website. We decided on a wordpress themed site, as opposed to more of a web 1.0 style of website. Previously, Lee and I built a Flash based site (back in 2011). Over the past two years we have watched as Apple iOS products have made Flash a dead medium. As much as I loved playing with Flash (via WIX primarily), there is no point in creating a website if your target audience can't load it on their iPhone or iPad. Flash is dead. No question.

Back in the Fall, I decided to update my photography website. In the process, I explored the idea of using a WordPress theme as a way of avoiding some of the ugly coding, PHP, and other fun stuff surrounding content management. I figured if I didn't NEED to learn that stuff, then that would be just fine with me. I explored many hundreds of different themes, always finding ones where some aspect appealed, and then finding fatal flaws that made them unusable for my needs.

About the same time, Lee mentioned that he wanted to update his site and we talked about switching him over to a WordPress platform as a way of allowing him (or me) to modify the content at will, over the next few years (assuming a lifespan of this new website of 2-3 years).

Over the span of Spring Break, Lee and I tackled the functionality, appearance and content of his website. A few long days spent sitting in uncomfortable chairs,... some tough design talks, and a lot of tea.... and BOOM, it was done. As with our previous collaborations on photographing his roses, Lee's previous website and some of his print advertising,... my hope is that our synergy will create something unique and vibrant that we never would have expected. That challenge is what makes this process so incredibly fun!

 And for those who have been waiting for the Der Rosenmeister rose calendar and rose book... it has not been forgotten... just postponed until we had the website finished. Expect something after the height of rose season wraps up.


  1. that rose...are you trying to break my heart?
    Good lord it is lovely....

  2. Summer Wine is one of my all-time favorite roses. You should ask Lee about it @DerRosenmeister. He is on Twitter, FB and his blog. The guy is insanely knowledgeable. He might even be able to point you in the direction of someone who might be growing it near you.