Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not Always Smiling

I was watching a "headshots" tutorial on YouTube earlier this week. One of his big no-nos was the S-word. Apparently it is bad form to have your subjects smile into the camera. I guess I always assumed that it looked fake, but now I realize... there is a RULE. Makes me wanna go and break the rule.

In any event.... this video tutorial dealt with a style of lighting I tend to not use. I am not a huge fan of the blinding white backdrop, and the horizontal portrait format. Neither style really resonates with my personal aesthetic. Imagine my surprise when this image popped up in my viewfinder. I kinda liked it. A little color shift, some light toning in LR4, and I was pretty pleased. Mind you, I am not smiling... but that's okay. I have had a lot on my mind. Ask me what I've been thinking about.


  1. I'm not a fan of the high-key stuff either, you kind of cheated it here though as it isn't completely high-key as there is gray creeping in the background as a vignette. Still looks really good though, I'm beginning photography so I'm not totally sure what lighting you were using, I can't tell by looking yet :)

    1. I think that the high-key look may work well on models with flawless skin... but on "regular" folks... it can leave them looking very washed out. I still feel like there is a great deal I want to learn about the style before I throw it into the pile of: Not My Way of Working. Maybe I can find a way to make it work.

      As for the touch of grey creeping into the edges... that was courtesy of Lightroom... added just a touch of vignette. It needed something. All that white gets kinda lonesome.